About us

Since 2004 , Via Multima-Moldova S.R.L. has been part of the GTI group of leaders in the volume of transport and expeditionary services provided for the transportation of goods in containers of shipping lines from any part of the world to Moldova. Our company has a developed network of partners - freight agents around the world. We aim to deliver cargo as reliably and quickly as possible in any directions indicated by our customers.

Corporate Values

We hear our customers, employees and partners
We maintain active communication with our customers and strive to ensure that it is bilateral. We are pleased to see free thinking, speaking and acting people in our organization and welcome the diversity of opinions and views.

Our most valuable asset is our employees
We are proud of our highly professional dedicated staff who are responsibly suited to their work. Customer satisfaction with the quality of our services is not empty words for them. We treat our employees the same way we want them to treat our customers.

We are a learning organization
We are sure that the learning process should be continuous throughout life, and therefore we do not stop investing in the training and training of our employees.

We are committed to quality
We believe that in a constantly increasing competition, only goods and services of the highest quality are the key to success.

Decency, honesty and openness
Our goal is not only to meet the needs and demands of our clients, but also to establish long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We gain customer loyalty and trust by doing business only by honest means and in strict compliance with business ethics.

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